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29 July 2020 @ 12:51 pm
makes sure you read everything before you order / ask me a question.

  • finalizes is a sales journal that belongs to june_natsuyuki. here i mostly offer autographed cds and posters from some kpop/jpop artists. (the available ones will be listed below.)
  • i'm not the original seller but a middleman, thus prices do not depend on me but the seller. i only do this to help her, since she's a friend, and also to help buyers on LJ because i've seen someone that bought a DBSK autographed CD for $200, and i can get such CDs for you at much cheaper prices, even though the prices include shipping from Korea/Japan to my country and fanclub membership fee, and getting stuffs autographed according to orders isnt easy at all, so please dont complain about prices.

  • DBSK
  • Super Junior
  • SHINee
  • F.T. Island
but if you want autographed stuffs from other artists, please go ahead and ask, i'll see what i can do.

  • since the seller doesnt have many things available, i suggest you to preorder what you need.
  • proceed to this post if you want direct sales only.

  • prices are not fixed, as Korean CDs cost around $25 - $45 each (Japanese CDs tend to be more expensive), and posters are sold individually at $20 - $30. however, you'll still need to ask me for the exact prices of the item(s) you intend to purchase.
  • prices listed do not include shipping fee or paypal fee unless otherwise stated.

  • payment will be made through paypal, and paypal fee will be shouldered by buyers (proceed here to calculate your paypal fee). however, i do accept well-concealed cash if you dont have any other choices, but it'll be at your own risk.

  • comment at this post with your order(s). please fill in the form accordingly to make everything easier.
  • i'll get back to you with the exact prices and the estimated shipping fee as soon as possible.
  • please reply to me by saying yes or no. if you agree to buy the items, i'll send you an invoice (including paypal fee & postage cost).
  • the items should be in my hands in two weeks. once i get them, i'll ship them to you right away. if there is any possible delay, i'll inform you so please rest assure.

  • comment at this post with your order(s). please fill in the form accordingly to make everything easier.
  • i'll get back to you with the estimated shipping fee.
  • if you agree with the prices, i'll send you an invoice and after receiving the payment, i'll ship out the items in a few days.

  • all orders are final. no changes can be made after confirmation, and no returns/refunds/exchanges under any circumstances.
  • please do not ignore my messages, and tell me if you're no longer interested in ordering.

  • i'll ship from Vietnam, Southeast Asia so it should be relatively cheap if youre also located in Asia. however, i do ship worldwide, as long as you're willing to pay for it.
  • i am not responsible for any loss, as long as i can show you the receipt proof.

  • proceed to this post, or email me at june.natsuyuki@hotmail.com.

  • all feedbacks are located here. if you have bought something from me, it'll be nice if you could leave me some feedbacks. thanks.